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4160 with Jubilee headboard

Two views of 4160, an ex GWR design 2-6-2T, at Bishops Lydeard on Sunday 2 June 2002 bearing a Golden Jubilee headboard. 


4160 with Jubille headboard

Crowcombe Station had a very good floral tribute to the Queen's Jubilee - but then Crowcombe always has very good gardening care, all part of the way the West Somerset keeps the old country station tradition alive.


5051 at Williton

5051 Earl Bathurst at Williton, 27 April 2002, with a Minehead bound train on her last weekend before returning to the mainline to work a special with 5029 Nunney Castle.  There are photos of the two leaving Taunton on Castles at Taunton.

7828, 5051 and D2133 at Minehead

A view taken at Minehead the previous day when 5051 was raising steam ready for the following day's action and was being moved along with a dead 7828 Odney Manor by a diesel shunter D2133.

7820 at Minehead

 Another Manor at Minehead, this time 7820 Dinmore Manor in the process of running round her train.  There were delays during her next run and she was able to show how well she could run, recovering much of the lost time.


D7017 at Minehead

The Diesel Running Day on 9 June 2002 saw Hymek D7017 laying over at Minehead before working to Williton and back, then finishing the day with the last train back to Bishops Lydeard.


7828 on Shareholders Special

Next we have 7828 Odney Manor resting in the bay at Minehead having arrived with the Shareholder's Special on 22 June.


A steam wreathed 7828

Odney Manor wreathed in steam as a young audience admired her.  Steam locos still have the magic that they've always had for young children, despite all the modern things like video games, lets hope it stays that way.


7820 at Minehead

 The other Manor on the WSR, 7820 Dinmore Manor arrives at Minehead with the 12.25 from Bishops Lydeard as a touch of sun finally started to show through the clouds.

DMU shunting at Minehead

The view through the cab as the DMU shunts from the platform to the loco sidings.  The signal just visible to the right of the drivers head is a veritable Christmas Tree with the number of lights it shows for a manoeuvre like this controlling as it does the "throat" of Minehead Station and protecting a level crossing over a busy road.

Are we all in?

As we ran in to the sidings the driver looked back to check he was clear behind as the Class 03 diesel shunter needed to run out to do a shunt and release with the Shareholder's Special.


Little Alfred

This is Alfred, an 0-4-0ST which was on the West Somerset ready for the following weekends "Days out with Thomas".  Alfred used to work in the Port of Par hauling china clay from the clay dries to the quays, the reason for the extremely low height was a very low bridge under the mainline which the clay wagons had to go under.

Little Alfred

Alfred is normally to be seen on the Bodmin and Wadebridge Railway, near his old stamping grounds down in Cornwall.  Please note: some of these photos were taken in situations off limits to the public, I was there as part of my duties on the railway.

Waiting to cross at Blue Anchor

Blue Anchor is the setting as the guard and driver  of the 9.40 from Bishops Lydeard chat while waiting to cross 4160 with the 10.15 from Minehead.


6412 at Bishops Lydeard

The line's normally resident pannier tank, 6412, was brought back from hire to the Gloucester and Warwickshire Railway especially to work during the "Thomas" weekend at the end of June.  She is seen here just after being drawn back into the loco compound at Bishops Lydeard after arrival back.

5224 at MineheadEx Great Western 2-8-0T tank 5224 having visited the West Somerset for the Spring Steam Gala has returned for the high season workings.  5224, which belongs to Pete Waterman and is on hire to the WSR, is seen here at Minehead on 14 July having arrived the previous Friday.

5224, 4160 and D2133 at Minehead

The second view shows 5224 in company with resident 2-6-2T 4160 and D2133.  5224 needed some work doing before entering service but hopefully next time I'm out on the railway I'll be able to capture her in action.

5542 at Washford

A somewhat smaller GW tank is 5542, a 2-6-2T small prairie  which seen here, also on 14 July, outside the shed at Washford.  After 23 years of work her restoration had been completed with her first steaming on 10 July, some work remains but she will soon be running in and then will enter service in the next few weeks.

D7017 Minehead

14 July was a Diesel Running Day and Hymek D7017 was in action on a 4 coach train, seen here at Minehead in glorious July sun.


7828 with the QB at Minehead

More normal power on the Wizzer is 7828 Odney Manor seen here arriving at Minehead with the Quantock Belle dining train from Bishops Lydeard with 5224, 4160 and D2133 standing in the loco sidings.

A special event in late July was the arrival of 6024 King Edward I which has its own page, as does the Steam Fayre 2002.  This page continues with "ordinary" days in August, starting with some taken on 20 August.

4160 runs into to Washford

4160 is seen running in to Washford with the 10.25 from Bishops Lydeard which I caught to go to Minehead.


4160 after arrival at Minehead

Crowds from the train pass 4160 after arrival at Minehead with the 10.25 from Bishops Lydeard.


4160 runs round, 6024 and 80136 in background

The crowds had dispersed by the time 4160 ran round her train, with 6024 King Edward I and 80136 on display in the headshunt.


4160 comes on to its train

4160 comes back on to her train ready to work back to Bishops Lydeard on the 12.15 which I rode back to Watchet.


End of the line for 6024

The end of the line for 6024 King Edward I, stood on the blocks at the extreme end of Minehead station where she is a great attraction for passers by.


5224 running in to Watchet

5224 runs into Watchet with the 12.25 from Bishops Lydeard to Minehead which I travelled on to get back to Washford, where I had parked.


5224 leaves Washford

 5224 leaving Washford at the end of my visit to the line, a rare event when I wasn't working and could simply enjoy the line.


5553 and 5224 at Bishops Lydeard loco

Small prairie 5553 arrived in late August ready for running in prior to working during the Autumn Steam Gala, she is seen here along with fellow Waterman Railways loco 5224 at Bishops Lydeard soon after arrival.


5553 and 4160

Another view of 5553, this time with large prairie 4160 also visible.



6024 at platform 2, Bishops Lydeard

Over the August Bank Holiday weekend 6024 King Edward I was working service trains on the WSR, she is seen here at the head of the 10.25 to Minehead at Bishops Lydeard on the Sunday.


6024's firedoors open.

6024's fire was glowing well prior to leaving for Minehead, hot work for the crew on a hot summers day.



Full head of steam

This last shot shows her with a full head of steam, just prior to departure.


The next two weekends were both special events with their own pages - Autumn Steam Gala and CAMRA weekend.  This page resumes with the annual "Thank You Train", run to give the volunteers a trip out, this year it was a 10 coach train hauled by 6024 King Edward !

D3462 rescuing 5224

The special was delayed due to problems with 5224 down the line at Crowcombe, she was rescued by the resident "Gronk" D3462, the pair are seen here arriving at Bishops Lydeard


6024 at Minehead 6024 at Minehead

Two shots of the King at Minehead ready for departure at 21.00 with the Thank You Train, a rare, for me, trip on the line in the dark - the evening Quantock Belle dining trains regularly run at night.

7828 no tender

7828 Odney Manor is out of service with boiler trouble, at present her tender is being used behind 7820 Dinmore Manor so 7828 is, as seen here, temporarily without one whilst Dinmore's is repaired.


6024 at Bishops Lydeard

Here 6024 is seen after her last service working before leaving the line on arrival at Bishops Lydeard.  For the first trip of the day she had had 11 coaches on, easily handled on the climb up to Crowcombe.


Evening at Bishops Lydeard

A final view of the King in the autumn sunshine at Bishops Lydeard, a view that also shows the rural setting of the station here - and a rare view of the Quantock Belle's siding unoccupied.


Diesels at Lydeard

The following Saturday saw the low season timetable, with the DMU working one turn.  It is seen here after returning to Bishops Lydeard at the end of the day with the Crompton (Class 33) 6566 standing in Platform 2 with the last Fish and Chips special of the season.

The final special weekend of the 2002 season was the 1960's Weekend, which has its own page.


























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