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The 2002 Autumn Steam Gala was held from Friday 6 September to Sunday 8 September.  Friday I was doing my "day job", Sunday I was working on the line so most of these photos were taken on the Saturday.

4160 at Bishops Lydeard loco

5101 Class 2-6-2T 4160 is seen being prepared for duty in the loco compound at Bishops Lydeard.


5224 arriving at Bishops Lydeard

5224 arriving at Bishops Lydeard with a train from Minehead on the Saturday evening.


5542 at Minehead

5542 was only passed fit to run a couple of days before the Gala, as a result it had no rostered work but was on display in steam at Minehead on the Sunday when it was seen running up and down the yard.


6024 at Watchet

6024 King Edward I was working trains over the Gala weekend, she is seen leaving Watchet with an up train.


7820 at Watchet

7820 Dinmore Manor seemed to keep coming before my camera on the Saturday, the first time was at Watchet were she is seen standing in the station with Steep Holm visible in the distance behind.


7820 at Watchet

A second shot as 7820 was leaving Watchet, I wish I'd had the video running, the sharp exhaust as she stormed sure-footedly away was amazing.


7820 leaving Blue Anchor

I got to Blue Anchor in time to see Dinmore again, leaving for Minehead.


7820 heads over Ker Moor

A second shot as she was heading out across Ker Moor.


7820 on Blue Anchor level crossing

Dinmore returned later, she is seen here running in over the level crossing, the last one with gates in the South West.


7820 running in to Bishops Lydeard

A last view of 7820 arriving at Bishops Lydeard.



80136 at Blue Anchor

80136 crossed with 7820 at Blue Anchor where she is seen alongside the tail of 7820's train


80136 on Blue Anchor level crossing

She then left for Minehead, passing over the level crossing.


80136 arriving at Bishops Lydeard

I next saw her arriving at Bishops Lydeard where she is glimpsed through the bridge at the north end of the platform.


80136 and 4160 at Bishops Lydeard

After leaving her stock in the up sidings 80136 is seen heading into the loco compound at Bishops Lydeard while 4160 takes water prior to working a night photo shoot special to Crowcombe Heathfield.

To finish, a selection of photos by Jon Tooke, a guard on the WSR.

5542 piloting 6024

Recently restored small prairie 5542 wasn't allocated any duties on her own but had an outing piloting 6024 King Richard I from Minehead to Blue Anchor.


5542 and 5553 double head a goods train at Minehead

5542 and 5553 double head a goods

5542 along with visiting 5553 double headed a demonstration goods train from Minehead to Dunster, 5553 remained at Dunster while 5542 returned light engine to Minehead to pilot the King.

6024 on Minehead loco

6024 by the water tower at Minehead loco prior to the working piloted by 5542.



S&DJR no. 88, MD works S&DJER no. 88, valvegear.

Two photos inside Minehead Works showing the frames and valve gear of ex S&DJR 2-8-0 No. 88 which is undergoing a major overhaul.


3853 frames

3853 wheelsets

Next, two views of the frames and wheels ex GWR 2-8-0 3850, also undergoing overhaul.


Inside Minehead works

A view of the frames of both the 2-8-0's in the works.




























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