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Older WSR photos

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D1062 and D1010 at Bishops Lydeard

To start, a few photos of the Mixed Traction Weekend in June 2010.  First a pair of Westerns, D1062 Western Courier and D1010 Western Campaigner waiting for their next turn at Bishops Lydeard.


D1010 and D1062 at Bishops Lydeard

The other side and other end of the pair with two of the crew in conversation beside them.


Front end of D1062

The distinctive "Western" front end of D1062 seen in profile at Bishops Lydeard.





2 Westerns and 2 Warships at Bishops Lydeard

The two "Westerns" on their Minehead bound train with two "Warships", D832 Onslaught and D821 Greyhound, working the Norton Fitzwarren shuttle top and tail beside them.


D821 Greyhound at Bishops Lydeard

D821 Greyhound at the Norton end of the shuttle.


D821 Greyhound

Having finished her stint on the shuttles D821 was making her way across to the sidings to layover.


D832 Onslaught

D832 Onslaught had also finished on the shuttles and had taken over a train to return it to Minehead.



Class 14 D9526 at one end of the Norton shuttle.


D9520 and D821

D9520 and D821

Visiting Class 14 D9520 was at the other end of the shuttle and D821 had moved in to position ready to take over a down train.


D821 Greyhound

D821 Greyhound waiting to leave Bishops Lydeard for Minehead.



4160 on Minehead shed

After far too long a gap, we move on to July 2011 when large prairie 4160 was on shed at Minehead.


34046 at Minehead

Nameplate of Braunton 34046

Two photos of light pacific 34046 Braunton in the headshunt by the seafront at Minehead.


71000 Duke of Gloucester

71000 Duke of Gloucester

71000 Duke of Gloucester visited the WSR in 2011, I finally got a couple of photos while she was on display at the WSRA Steam Fayre at Norton Fitzwarren.

3850 and D2133 at Minehead

Two very different Swindon products seen at Minehead 30 August 2011, 2-8-0 no. 3850 and Class 03 0-6-0 diesel D2133 stabled in the headshunt.


5553 and 4160 at Minehead shed

At the other end of the shed small prairie 5553 was receiving attention to the smoke box while large prairie 4160 can be glimpsed hiding in the shed.


Class 115 dmu DMBS Minehead shed

No, the WSR hasn't got a "bubble car" single car DMU, one of the Class 115 DMBS's was in the shed yard awaiting attention.


60163 Tornado at Minehead

60163 Tornado at Minehead

Two photos of A1 pacific 60163 Tornado after arriving in the bay platform at Minehead.  This newly built loco which was paying a return visit to the WSR is very popular with large crowds around following her arrival.


Crowds around 60163 Tornado

This photo shows the crowds still around some 20 minutes after Tornado's arrival.


Williton station footbridge

A significant development in 2011 was the replacement of the footbridge at Williton station, somehow makes it look complete.


6960 Raveningham Hall

During the 2011 Autumn Steam Gala 6960 Raveningham Hall wasn't quite complete so was on display at Williton rather than in action.


Sentinal Thuinderbird

The DEPG's Sentinel diesel hydraulic shunter was in the spot usually occupied by the Gala "Thunderbird" loco, hence the headboard.


D832 Onslaught

D6575 nearing completion

Warship D832 Onslaught and nearly completely restored Class 33 "Crompton" D6575 were tucked away in the DEPG's shed during the Steam Gala - both very smartly painted.


4160 and 5553 arrive at Williton

4160 and 5553 arrive at Williton

The great thing about Williton's footbridge is the vantage point it provides for photography, here large prairie 4160 and small prairie 5553 arrive with a down train with a variety of diesels plus 6960 visible in the yards.

4160 and 5553 after arrival at Minehead

I caught the pair of prairies train to Minehead, it might have been the 1 October but the weather was fantastic, hot and sunny, adding a lot of ordinary passengers to the Gala crowds.


SDJR 88 on Minehead shed

Somerset & Dorset 2-8-0 No. 88 was about to come off shed to work the prairies train back to Bishops Lydeard.


5029 Nunney Castle at Minehead

Ex GWR 5029 Nunney Castle was in the headshunt, sidelined due to problems with a lubricator.


4160 on the turntable

4160 on the turntable

Even tank engines get turned on Minehead's turntable, large prairie 4160 is seen in the course of being turned ready for her next working.

5553 with the goods train

Small prairie 5553's next working was the goods train to Dunster, seen here formed up in the yard.


4160 going to shed

4160 passes 5553 in the yard

4160 then came onto shed passing the goods train, a chance to compare the two types.


4160 on shed

Crew and shed staff in conversation whilst 4160 was coaled and watered.


3850 at Minehead

A little later GW 2-8-0 3850 was en route to shed after brining in a down train.


34070 Manston and N2 1744 arriving at Minehead

34070 and 1744The next arrival was hauled by SR Battle of Britain pacific 34070 Manston and GNR 0-6-2T 1744.


34070 Manston

34070 on the turntable

Manston came off the train and on to the turntable.


GNR 0-6-2T 1744

1744 coming off her train

1744 on the turntable1744 then came off the train and on to the turntable.


34070 Manston on shed at Minehead

34070 Manston on shed at Minehead

By this time 34070 Manston had gone across to the shed.


1744 coming on to shed

1744 on Minehead shed

1744 then followed to shed, a rare visitor to this part of the world.


Small mogul 9351 on the turntable

The next arrival was worked by resident small mogul 9351, seen here on the turntable.


34070 leaving Williton with a down train

34070 then took 9351's train (and me) back up, this last shot of the Gala shows her leaving Williton.


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