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This page has photos of the main Diesel Running Days this year on the West Somerset Railway.  The Cross Country Weekend, Great Trains Extravaganza and Teddy Bear's Picnic have separate pages.

The first DRD's were on June 7 and 8, with D1010 working the diesel diagram and the evenings Fish & Chips special on the Saturday.

5542 and D1010 arrive at Bishops Lydeard light engine

D1010 Western Campaigner came to Bishops Lydeard light engine along with 5542 on the Saturday morning.


D1010 and 5542 arriving at Bishops Lydeard.

A second view of them as D1010 burst out from under the bridge.


D1010 waiting at Blue Anchor

Further along the line, D1010 is captured waiting for the road at Blue Anchor.  Photo by Jon Tooke


D1010 lays over in Bay Sidings at Minehead

D1010 lays over at MineheadThe turn has a lay over a Minehead while a steam turn comes in and out, D1010 is seen here in Bay Sidings with its train.  Photos by Jon Tooke



D1010 runs round at Williton

The next leg of the diagram is a short working from Minehead to Williton and back, D1010 is seen running round at Williton.    Photo by Jon Tooke



D1010 on the "Chippy" at Bishops Lydeard

The turn on the Saturday included D1010 working the evening Fish and Chips special from Bishops Lydeard to Minehead and back, it is seen here waiting for the chips to arrive before departure from Bishops Lydeard.

D1010 and 5224 at Williton

The next day things didn't quite go to plan, as a result D1010 spent much of the day on one of the steam turns, finishing the day piloting ex-GWR 2-8-0T 5224 from Minehead to Williton where the pair are seen arriving.


D1010 and 5224 at Williton

Another view of them while waiting for the Western to uncouple and run clear.


D1010 and 80136 at Minehead

The next diesel running day was on Saturday 26 July which was a rather wet day, this shot is of BR Standard 2-6-4T 80136 departing from Minehead while D1010 Western Campaigner waits to follow with a Williton train.  Richard Bowker, chairman of the SRA, was having a footplate ride on this working as part of a private visit to the line.

Hymek D7017 at Minehead

While at Williton the loco was swapped and Hymek D7017 took over the diagram and is seen here back at Minehead.


D7017's builder's plate

A close up of the Hymek's number, builder's plate and data panel.



Two type threes at Bishops Lydeard

After arrival at Bishops Lydeard there was a fair bit of shunting during which these two type threes, Crompton D6566 and Hymek D7017 were side by side by the water tower.


D7017 on the Chippy

Manoeuvres complete, D7017 starts away with the Fish & Chips train to Minehead.


7820 and D6566

D6566 then brought its stock back into the platform as 7820 Dinmore Manor left with the Quantock Belle dining train.


D1010 leaves Crowcombe

The next Diesel Event was the Swindon Heritage Diesel Gala on August 8 and 9, in this shot D1010 Western Campaigner leaves Crowcombe Heathfield with an up train.  Photo by Rodney Greenway


D1010 leaves Crowcombe

Looking down the bank towards Bishops Lydeard sees the Class 52 Western clagging well.  Photo by Rodney Greenway


D1010 arriving at Stogumber

Further down the line D1010 is seen arriving at Stogumber with a down train.  Photo by Rodney Greenway


D9526 at Stogumber

Also at Stogumber was Class 14 "Teddy Bear" D9526 on a demonstration goods train.  Photo by Rodney Greenway


Two Westerns at Norton Fitzwarren

On the Saturday morning D1015 Western Champion was working a mainline special down to Penzance, when it passed Norton Fitzwarren D1010 Western Campaigner was waiting on the West Somerset Railway's line.  This shot was taken from the WSR train as Champion thundered past.  Photo by Rodney Greenway


D6566 and D7017 at Bishops Lydeard

D6566 topped and tailed D1010 down to Norton Fitzwarren and is seen here bringing in the stock at Bishops Lydeard while D7017 waits with the 9.40 to Minehead.  Photo by Rodney Greenway


D1010 at Williton

Later in the day D1010 disgraced herself, a change end switch failed which prevented her returning to Minehead from Williton where she is seen blocking the up platform.


D7017 at Bishops Lydeard

Towards the end of the day Hymek D7017 arrived at Bishops Lydeard with the last up train of the day.  A welcome sight as we needed her to do some shunting, the station pilot D6566 having been sent to Williton to collect D1010's stock and return it to Lydeard.

The Great Trains Extravaganza  in late October has its own page.

Click here for details of the WSR's diesel fleet.

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