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Pannier tank 3759 shunting at Weymouth

GW Pannier Tank 3759 marshalls coaching stock at Weymouth on 8 December 1961. And what a cold miserable day it was! Photo by Nigel Kendall


Wessex Trains dmu 150247 at Weymouth

A current view, showing how much the railway at Weymouth has changed, Wessex Trains unit 150247 leaves for Bristol on 20/11/03.  Photo by Mark Pike.

After the 60's and the 21st century views, some from the 70's:-

WR dmu's at WeymouthAnother view of Western Region stock at Weymouth is this one of two diesel multiple units which had come down from Bristol via Westbury and Yeovil.  Also in the photo is a class 03 shunter, these locos used at one time to haul the Channel Island boat trains on the last leg of their journey through the streets to Weymouth Quay station.  Photo by B Tucker.

A Class 33 on Weymouth Quay tramway

The second photo is of a Class 33 loco nearing the ferry terminal on this line.  The ferry in the background is the Maid of Kent which operated the Weymouth - Cherbourg route.  Trains were preceded by a British Transport Police officer and two hefty Permanent Way Dept. men, between brawn and keys obstructing cars were easily moved, often being left with an inch or two overhanging the harbour side - people wouldn't park in the way twice !  It was a real shock to visitors to encounter a mainline express train in the middle of the road !!Photo by John Griffiths.

D6535 in Weymouth Yard

Another 33, D6533, is seen in the goods yard at Weymouth between duties.

  The line to the Quay was over to the right, boat trains didn't go into Weymouth station, branching off outside.  Photo by Brian Tucker

 There's some modern views of the Quay line on A Virtual "Cab-ride" along the Weymouth Quay line.

Class 31 at Weymouth

Weymouth saw a wide variety of locos on the line down from Yeovil and Westbury, here a class 31 is seen having arrived from Bristol.  Photo by Brian Tucker


37070 at Weymouth

And in this one 37070 has arrived, also from Bristol.  Photo by Brian Tucker


D6513 an 03 and dmu's at Weymouth

D6513 waits with a 4TC push pull working alongside two 03 shunters and a Derby Suburban dmu.  Photo by Brian Tucker


A push pull Class 33/1 leaving Weymouth

A 33/1 pushes a 4TC out of Weymouth towards Bournemouth.  Photo by Brian Tucker


Class 47 1685 at Weymouth

A Western Region class 47, 1685, is seen here with an excursion train at Weymouth, which was a GWR station but became part of the Southern region.  In those days Weymouth saw many excursions on summer Sundays and Bank Holidays.  Also of note are the cars, all British made in those days.  Photo by Brian Tucker

4 CIG 1310 at Weymouth

The modern scene - though 4CIG 1310 is hardly modern at 30 odd years old - only 3 platforms, most of the rest of the station and yard is now a Halfords and a B&Q.  There is still a line leading to the quay tramway but the tramway is currently disused.

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