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Photo by B Tucker.






Photo by B Tucker.

Top:  The mainstay of the Bournemouth - Waterloo service was the 4REP emu such as this one arriving in Bournemouth from the depot at Branksome ready to work a fast to Waterloo calling at Southampton only.  The consist of the service would be 4REP + 2x 4TC trailer units, one or both of the 4TCs would come up from Weymouth being pushed by a Class 33 diesel loco as far as here.  The 4REPs were powerful units having 2 power cars each as powerful as a Class 73 loco.  They have now been replaced by 5WES units, but the new stock reused the power equipment of the 4REPs, however the live rail now extends to Weymouth and push pull working is no more.

Bottom:  A 4TC, 415, at Bournemouth.  As noted with the 4REP photo these units were unpowered trailer sets which were diesel hauled west of Bournemouth and electric hauled east thereof.  They were also at times used for other services where their flexibility was of use, including three of them with a buffet car between with a Class 33 loco at each end which I saw once at Paignton on an excursion.

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