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   This page starts with a selection of photos taken at Exeter Central one wet Wednesday lunchtime in April 2002, the first of which shows 150 263 arriving from Exmouth followed by one of it stood in the station showing that it was doing very good business.






  Next came 150 266 on an Exmouth bound working, half hidden by the bushes planted on the trackbed of the former through lines.  Central is but a shadow of its former self, the carriage sidings at each end, the centre roads, the rail fed cement depot have all gone, leaving just memories of when Bulleid pacifics, N's and Ivatt, BR Standard and pannier tanks.

  In place of the pacifics there is now Class 159 3 car dmus, of which 159 006 is seen climbing up the bank from St. David's station on a service to Salisbury and Waterloo.

  159 006 looks lost at a platform that used to have 12 coach trains being formed from the two portions from Plymouth/North Cornwall and from North Devon.  As an aside, for those also interested in buses, the office block in the background was the headquarters of Western National and Southern National.


  Shortly after 159 020 and 159 026 arrived from Waterloo with a train that was going forward via St. David's to Newton Abbot and Paignton, one good feature of the "new railway" is the wider range of places in South Devon with direct services to the aptly named Central Station.






  Yeovil Junction station is home to the Yeovil Railway Centre, of which I've two photos at present, the first is of a collection of ex industrial diesels, the second is of 20089, an ex BR Class 20 which is awaiting restoration.

  The centre is based around the turntable which is used by mainline steam locos on rail tours, the lack of photos of it atm is due to the loco failing the time I went to see it there !


  To finish for now are two views of Class 159s at Gillingham, the first is of an Exeter bound train running in alongside the stock of a steam hauled special that was stranded awaiting repairs, the second shows a Waterloo bound 159 passing the by now mobile special headed by 35005 Canadian Pacific which was being held until the 159 had passed before resuming its journey towards Salisbury.

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