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  This page doesn't quite fit with the title of the site, but steam is steam whether it's a railway loco or a traction engine.  Most of these photos were taken at the Bath & West Show in 2002, some at the B&W in earlier years and some at the West Somerset Railway.

  There are more photos of traction engines and steam lorries on the pages in the Vintage Rallies section of this site.

Sentinel 6 steam lorry

A Sentinel S6 steam lorry at the West Somerset Railway's Bishops Lydeard station in April 2004.  It was lettered "Woodstock Steam Enterprises, Vermont" and registered as OAS562.  It is one of only 2 left hand drive Sentinels built.


Sentinel S6 steam lorry

Sentinel S6 steam lorry

A couple more views of OAS562 leaving the station where it had filled up with water.  It belongs to Jerry Hawkins and was on a trip from the outskirts of Taunton.


Seen at the Bath & West, a Sentinel Steam Lorry, long displaced by diesel steam used to be real contender as the motive power for lorries.


  Two Fowler Showman's engines, at one time such machines hauled the rides from site to site then generated the electricity to power them using a belt to drive the generator, visible in front of the chimney  in the bottom photo.




Two less specialised machines attract attention outside the display ring.



 Another traction engine waiting its turn in the ring.



A line up of showman's engines at the B&W a few years ago.


A crane fitted traction engine engaged in log sawing at the B&W.


A steam roller among the railway stock at Williton on the West Somerset Railway.




Miniature steamers at the Bath & West

Back at the Bath & West in 2004, a line up of miniature steam vehicles in the ring.


Steam powered saw bench at the Bath & West

Sawing logs with the aid of steam power from a traction engine at the B&W.  The drive belt from the flywheel was in many ways the forerunner of a modern tractor's Power Take Off shaft.



Traction engines at the Bath & West

A line up of steam rollers, traction engines and a showman's engine on display at the B&W.



Steam powered threshing

Steam power for a threshing machine, once a common sight on farms they have been superseded by combine harvesters - both machines feature in Wurzel's songs, Threshing Machine was banned by the BBC but then so were several other of Adge's songs!


There are plenty of photos of traction engines, ploughing engines, steam lorries etc on Steam Fayre and Rally 04 and on Great Dorset Steam Fair.



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