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To start, nearest is an MGA, then a 1952 Riley 1.5 RMA, a 1953 Morris Oxford and two Morris Minor Travellers - with the heritage goods train behind them.

MGA, Riley 1.5, Morris Oxford, Morris Minor Traveller

A different view of the Oxford - which has spent 25 years laid up in a barn - and the Travellers.

Morris Oxford and Morris Minor Travellers

Three Morris Minors and an A35, 240UXE is used as every day transport.

Morris Minors and an Austin A35

A 1959 Austin Healey "Frog Eyed" Sprite which belongs to the wife of the owner of 240UXE above - it's been to the Isle of Man this year.  I saw this at Gartell Steam Fair the previous weekend.

1959 Forg Eye Austin Healey Sprite.

1956 Jensen 541 3995cc with an appropriate registration, the first British car with 4 wheel disc brakes: and a 1968 Jaguar MkII 2.4 - hard to chose which I'd rather have!

Jensen 541 and Jaguar MkII

A Morris Minor Traveller, lovely old cars!

Four more Morris Minors, a 2 door, a 4 door and 2 convertibles.

4 Morris Minors

1958 MGA 1500 which went new to South Africa, coming back "home" in 1969.

1958 MGA 1500

1934 Morgan Super Sports with an air-cooled vee twin engine.

1934 Morgan Super Sports

1964 Triumph Herald, these had an amazingly small turning circle.

1964 Triumph Herald

L to R 1970 MGB GT, a Triumph TR5 and another MGB GT.

2 MGB GT and a TR5

1952 Austin 1200

1952 Austin 1200

1956 Austin A35 Pick-up - only 475 of these were made - and a 1969 MG Midget.

A35 pick-up and MG Midget

1983 Blacktack Avion-Guzzi 950cc kit car based on a CitroŽn 2CV and Moto-Guzzi motorbike - it is believed to be unique!

1983 Blacktack Avion-Guzzi 950cc

1962 Austin A40

1962 Austin A40

1961 Austin Mini Seven - how small they seem today.

Austin Mini Seven

1968 Wolseley 1300, the slightly up market version of the Austin/Morris versions with a twin carb engine.

Wolseley 1300

1966 Morris Minor Traveller with the Wolseley 1300 and the Austin Seven.

Morris Minor Traveller, Wolesley 1300, Austin Mini

1963 Triumph Herald Estate, 1968 Triumph Vitesse - a Herald with a 2 litre 6 cyl. engine - and a Herald Saloon.

Triumph Heralds and Vitesse

1972 Triumph 2.5 PI

1972 Triumph 2.5 PI

1972 Triumph Stag, with its 3 litre V8 these were great cars.

1972 Triumph Stag

1972 Triumph Spitfire - based on a Herald chassis with uprated engine - and 1960 Triumph Herald Coupe 948cc.

Triumph Herald Coupe and Spitfire

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