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MV Balmoral approaching Burnham

To start off, a series of photos of the MV Balmoral entering the mouth of the River Parrett at Burnham on Sea on her way up river to Dunball Wharf, Bridgwater.  The first sees her in the distance with the coast and chimneys of Wales in the background.

MV Balmoral off Buurnham on Sea

Next she is approaching the buoy that marks a turning point for vessels entering the river.  With the tide this far up you can't see the sandbars, there isn't as much water around her than you might think!



MV Balmoral off Burnham

A zoomed view of her, she does day trips in the Bristol Channel in conjunction with the PS Waverley, for more about their sailings around the British coast see their site at Waverley Excursions


MV Balmoral off Burnham on Sea

In this shot she's just rounding the buoy seen above.



MV Balmoral off Burnham on Sea

As she moved into the river the sunset came more into the shots, in this one Steep Holme can be seen on the right, South Wales is still in the background.


MV Balmoral passing Burnham on Sea jetty

MV Balmoral passing Burnham on Sea jetty

Two views of her passing the jetty at Burnham on Sea, the jetty has a connection with another of this site's themes - it was originally built by the Somerset & Dorset Railway, wagons were winched up and down by ropes.


MV Balmoral passing Burnham

As she moves up river Steart Point is behind her with the Quantock Hills in the background.


MV Balmoral and the pilot cutter

MV Balmoral and the pilot cutter

MV Balmoral and the pilot cutter

As series of photos as the pilot cutter came out to meet the Balmoral, came alongside to transfer the pilot then veered of to return to her mooring.


Balmoral leaving Watchet

To finish a photo of her leaving Watchet in West Somerset.



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