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This page has a selection of photos that have been sent to me by visitors to the site, any relevant contributions welcome - though I can't guarantee to include them.

US Southern Pacific 4276

One from Chris Cody in the USA, a Southern Pacific cab forward 4-8-8-4 steam loco which used to run over Sierras and down to Los Angeles up to late 1950's, different to say the least.

Western SMT Bristol FLF at Ardrossan

Some new photos, buses this time, from Peter Claughton.  The first is of a Western SMT Bristol FLF at Gourock Pier possibly on rail replacement duties during electrification work.  Well off my patch - though I did see Western SMT buses at Carlisle.

Bristol K driver trainer in Bath.

Next back on home territory, a Bristol/ECW K doing duty with Bath Services as a driver trainer.


Bath Services Bristol LWL

Another Bath Services bus, a Bristol/ECW LWL half cab single decker.



Bristol buses

Two Bristol KSW's flank a Bristol FLF in Bath Bus Station.



Crosville LWLs

Back up country is a line up of Crosville Bristol/ECW LWL's.



Bristol/ECW bus at Bath

Back to Bath for this photo of an ECW bodied Bristol MW bus from Graham.


These two are from very far afield, Japan.  Ono Sei sent me these shots of preserved JNR C11 207.

JNR C11 207

JNR C11 207






The next two are if anything from further afield, New South Wales in Australia.  John Ellis sent me these photos of a 50 Class on the the Illawarra line, on the coast near Wollongong, 50 km south of Sydney.

5069 south of Sydney, NSW 5069 south of Sydney, NSW



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