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Crosville Motor Services based in Weston super Mare have revived a famous name from the past albeit in a different part of Britain.  They have a modern bus and coach fleet and an extensive collection of restored vehicles in their Heritage Fleet.

On 26 August 2012 they held a Running Day and Depot Open Day at their site in Weston with heritage buses from their fleet and the Bristol Omnibus Vehicle Collection running several routes around the town.

To start with, Crosville's modern coaches lined up in the static display area - that's most of the modern stuff out of the way!

Crosville Motor Services modern coaches

MHU193/218 is a Bedford OB/Mulliner B30F which was new to Clifton College in 1949.  It has been repainted to represent an identical vehicle which passed to Bristol Tramways.

MHU193/218 is a Bedford OB/Mulliner B30F

DHW293K/353 is a 1972 Bristol LH6L/ECW B42F new to Bristol Omnibus at Weston-super-Mare.

DHW293K/353 Bristol/ECW LH

GHT127 is a Bristol K5G/ECW O33/26R new to Bristol Tramways in 1941 where it replaced trams, it went to Brighton, Hove & District in 1955 where it was converted to open top.  It came back to Bristol Omnibus/Badgerline for use in Weston and Bath, it is now owned by First and on loan to the Bristol Vintage Bus Group.  I had a nice ride on the top deck to Uphill on this.

GHT127 Bristol K5G/ECW O33/26R

A splendid line up of half cab Bristol double deckers including K, KS, KSW and LD chassis all with ECW bodies, all originally with Bristol Tramways/Bristol Omnibus.

Half cab Bristol double deckers

UHY360/C8320 is a Bristol KSW6B/ECW H32/28R new to the Bristol City fleet in 1955.

UHY360/C8320 is a Bristol KSW6B/ECW H32/28R

Bristol Omnibus UHY383/8335 Bristol KSW6G/ECW H33/27R body, new 1955 and UHY384/8336 is a Bristol KSW6G/ECW H32/28RD new to the Bristol country fleet in 1955.

Bristol KSW UHY383 and KS UHY384

969EHW/L8515 is a Bristol Lodekka LD6G/ECW H33/25RD which was new to the Bath Services part of the Bristol fleet in 1959 and 972EHW/LC8518 a Bristol Lodekka LD6B/ECW H33/25R new to the City fleet also in 1959.

Bristol Lodekkas 696EHW and 972EHW

862RAE/301 is a rare Bristol SUS4A/ECW B30F bus, the smallest Bristol built.  This one was new to Bristol Omnibus for service around Stroud.

862RAE/301 Bristol SUS4A/ECW B30F

MHU49/207 Bedford OB/Duple B30F was a predecessor of the SUS above in the Bristol fleet.

MHU49/207 Bedford OB/Duple B30F

NHU2 is the prototype Bristol LS, an LSX5G/ECW B42D of 1950 this was the first underfloor engined Bristol bus.  I had hoped to have a ride on it but always seemed to be in the wrong place with it leaving as I arrived.


DAE511K/1257 is a RELL6L/ECW - originally B44D later B50F from the Bristol country fleet.


HDV626E/2700 a Bristol RELL6G/ECW B53F new in 1967 to Southern National at Weymouth.

HDV626E/2700 Bristol RELL6G/ECW B53F

JLJ403/46 Leyland Tiger/Burlingham C35F was new to Bournemouth Corporation in 1949 one of a batch of three all of which survive.

JLJ403/46 Leyland Tiger/Burlingham C35F

I had a ride to the pier and back on it, first time I'd been on a Bournemouth Corporation bus for about 40 years!

Inside JLJ403

CYD724C AEC Reliance/Harrington Grenadier C41F was new in 1965 to the Somerset independent Hutchings & Cornelius.

CYD724C AEC Reliance/Harrington Grenadier C41F

RMS714/FPD225 Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/2 with Alexander C41F new July 1961 to W. Alexander & Sons (Fife) as FPD225 it is now part of the heritage fleet of North Somerset Coaches.

Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/2  Alexander C41F

Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/2 Alexander C41F

LHT911/2388 Bristol L5G/Bristol B35R new to Bristol in 1948 with an ECW body arriving on site still with wedding ribbons on.

LHT911/2388 Bristol L5G/Bristol B35R

Later in the day 2388 had lost the decorations and gained an appropriate destination display.

LHT911/2388 Bristol L5G/Bristol B35R

YDL318/573 Bristol FS6G/ECW H33/27RD new to Southern Vectis in 1962 it is now part of Crosville's heritage fleet.

YDL318/573 Bristol FS6G/ECW H33/27RD

A very modern looking preserved coach - RIB8289 is a Duple 425 Integral with a Cummins engine new to Robin Hood Coaches of Leek in 1990 with whom it stayed until being sold for preservation.

RIB8289 is a Duple 425 Integral

AEC Matador 59A was with the original Crosville and is now being restored by the current Crosville.

AEC Matador 59A

KFM893/KG131 Bristol L5G/ECW B35R new to the original Crosville in 1950 and now owned by the new.

KFM893/KG131 Bristol L5G/ECW B35R

KFM767/KG118 is a Bristol L5G/ECW B35R new to Crossville in 1950 now with the new Crosville having, like KFM893, previously been owned by Quantock Heritage.

KFM767/KG118 is a Bristol L5G/ECW B35R

891VFM/DFG81 Bristol FSF6G/ECW O34/26F, another original Crosville bus now with the new Crosville.

891VFM/DFG81 Bristol FSF6G/ECW O34/26F

891VFM/DFG81 Bristol FSF6G/ECW O34/26F

MFM39/SL71 Bedford OB/Duple C29F new to Crosville in 1950 it is now privately preserved.

MFM39/SL71 Bedford OB/Duple C29F

NFM46 Bristol LL6B/ECW B39R is undergoing restoration in Crosville's workshops.

NFM46 Bristol LL6B/ECW B39R

Also undergoing restoration is NFM67 Bristol KSW6B/ECWH30/26R.

NFM67 Bristol KSW6B/ECWH30/26R

DEL893C/1523(later 1220) is a Bristol FLF6G/ECW H38/32F new to Hants & Dorset in 1965 is now owned by Crosville and was on display up on jacks.

DEL893C/1523(later 1220) Bristol FLF6G/ECW H38/32F

LHY976/C2736 is a Bristol L5G/ECW B33D new to Bristol Tramways in 1949, it has a very unusual dual door body of a type unique to Bristol.

LHY976/C2736 Bristol L5G/ECW B33D

I had a ride on C2736 to Worlebury Hill where these two were taken.

LHY976/C2736 Bristol L5G/ECW B33D

LHY976/C2736 Bristol L5G/ECW B33D

Not a bus but worth including is SPE269 a Wolseley Six-Eighty.

SPE269 Wolseley

UOU419H is a Leyland Panther/Plaxton B52F new to King Alfred, Winchester in 1970.

UOU419H Leyland Panther/Plaxton B52F

KDD38 AEC Regal III/Harrington C33F new in 1950 to Soudly Vale Coaches of Cinderford.

KDD38 AEC Regal III/Harrington C33F

WHW374H/2062 Bristol RELH6L/ECW DP49F new to Bristol Omnibus in 1970, the first photo is in the display area, the second taken from the top deck of GHT127 as 2062 arrived.

WHW374H/2062 Bristol RELH6L/ECW DP49F

WHW374H/2062 Bristol RELH6L/ECW DP49F

NUD105L Bristol VRTSL6G/ECW CH41/27F was new to City of Oxford Motor Services in 1972 for coach services to London.  EWS751W/5543 Bristol VRTSL6G/ECW H43/31F now to Bristol in 1980 it passed to Cheltenham & Gloucester and the Stagecoach before being preserved.

NUD105L Bristol VRTSL6G/ECW CH41/27F and EWS751W/5543 Bristol VRTSL6G/ECW H43/31F

JMW168P/168 Bristol RESL6G/ECW B43F new in 1975 to Swindon Corporation.

JMW168P/168 Bristol RESL6G/ECW B43F

EDV505D/1423 Bristol MW6G/ECW C39F new to Western National's touring fleet in Royal Blue colours in 1966.

EDV505D/1423 Bristol MW6G/ECW C39F

VLT66/RM66 an AEC Routemaster converted to a Breakdown Tender.

VLT66/RM66 Breakdown Tender

JOU161P/5031 Bristol VRTSL6L/ECW H43/27D new to Cheltenham & District in 1975, later transferred to the Bristol City fleet it is the sole remaining Leyland engined dual door VR.

JOU161P/5031 Bristol VRTSL6L/ECW H43/27D

KHY383/2382 Bristol L6B/Bristol B35R new to Bristol Tramways in 1948.

KHY383/2382 Bristol L6B/Bristol B35R

AFB592V/461 Bristol LH6L/ECW B43F new to Bristol in 1980, later with Wilts & Dorset and Abus before being preserved.

AFB592V/461 Bristol LH6L/ECW B43F

D503GHY/2503 Volvo B10M-61/Van Hool C53F body, new to Badgerline in 1987.

D503GHY/2503 Volvo B10M-61/Van Hool C53F

EWS739W/5531 Bristol VRTSL6L/ECW H43/31F new to BOC in 1981 it passed to Badgerline in whose livery it is preserved.

EWS739W/5531 Bristol VRTSL6L/ECW H43/31F

A panorama of one section of the display, for a new event this was certainly well attended with a good variety of vehicles.

Line up of buses

AFM103G/CRG103 is a Bristol RELH6G/ECW C47F coach which was new to Crosville in 1969 for express services, it was painted in Bristol Greyhound livery when I last saw it at Bristol Bus Rally 2009.

AFM103G/CRG103 Bristol RELH6G/ECW C47F

L118YOD Dennis Dart/Plaxton B42F was new to Plymouth City Bus in 1995 and is now part of Crosville's modern fleet.

L118YOD Dennis Dart/Plaxton B42F

S291NRB Optare Solo B30F is also part of the modern fleet, it was used for a shuttle between the two parts of the site during the day.

S291NRB Optare Solo B30F

JHT802/C3386 Bristol K6A/ECW H30/26R new to the City fleet in 1946 with a Gardner engine it was re-engined and rebodied in the 1950s.  I had a ride on it up to Worlebury Hill which gave a good chance to hear the AEC engine really working.

The City of Bristol crest on C3386, this part of Bristol Omnibus' operations were joint with the City Council hence the crest and city motto Virtute et Industria - virtue (or valour) and industry.

Virtute et Industria - virtue (or valour) and industry

That's it for this thoroughly enjoyable day - I'm told there will be another next year!

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