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The Bristol Harbourside Rally & Running Day was held on 17 May 2009, a day of rather mixed weather!

Bristol MW 536JHU

536JHU/2514 is a Bristol MW5G/ECW B45F which was new to Bristol Omnibus in 1961.



Bristol SUS 675COD

675COD/603 is a Bristol SUS4A/ECW B30F which was new to Western National in 1960.



Bristol MW 924AHY

924AHY/2934 is another Bristol MW5G/ECW B45F, this was new to BOC in 1958.  It was carrying the board for "City Centre Circle" which it was working during the day.


Bristol LD 969EHW

969EHW/L8515 is a Bristol Lodekka LD6G/ECW H33/25RD which was new to the Bath Services part of the Bristol fleet in 1959.



Bristol RELH AFM103G

AFM103G/CRG103 is a Bristol RELH6G/ECW C47F coach which was new to Crosville in 1969 for express services and is currently painted in Bristol Greyhound livery.


Bristol JO5G AHU803

AHU803/2355 is a Bristol JO5G/BBW B35R, originally delivered in 1934 as a petrol engined coach it was fitted with a Gardner diesel and a new bus body after the war.


Bristol VR ATA563L

ATA563L/563 is a Bristol VRTSL6G/ECW H43/32F new to Devon General in 1973.



Bristol MW BHU92C

BHU92C/2138 is a Bristol MW6G/ECW C39F new to BOC in 1965.



Bristol RE BXI2594

BXI2594/2594 is a Bristol RELL6G/Alexander (Belfast) B52F new to Ulsterbus in 1983.  There was another RE from Northern Ireland at the rally but it seems to have escaped my camera.


Leyland Tiger D278FAS

D278FAS/438 is a Leyland Tiger/Alexander C53F new to Highland Omnibus in 1987 it is preserved in Strathtay Buses livery.


Two Bristol FLFs passing

DEL893C/1523(later 1220) is a Bristol FLF6G/ECW H38/32F new to Hants & Dorset in 1965 seen here pulling out of one of the parking areas as another FLF, JAH553D, went in.


Bristol FLF DEL893C

Another photo of DEL893C, as I lived in Bournemouth in the late 60s/early70s it was nice to see a Hants & Dorset bus from that time.


Bristol MW EDV502D

EDV502D/1420 is a Bristol MW6G/ECW C39F new to Western National's touring fleet in Royal Blue colours in 1966.


Bristol FLF FHU59D

FHU59D/C7246 is a Bristol FLF6B/ECW H38/32F new to Bristol Omnibus in 1966, when I moved to Bristol in 1978 these were working the routes near me, another reminder of my past!



Bristol MW FHW156D

Bristol MW FHW156D

Two views of FHW156D/2150, a Bristol MW6G/ECW C39F new to Bristol Greyhound in 1966.


Bristol K FTT704

FTT704/353 is a Bristol K5G/ECW L27/28R, new to Western National in 1945 it received a new body in 1955.  This batch were based at Totnes and worked the service that passed my parents house and my school bus, very much an old friend!


Leyland National GCK428W

GCK428W is a Leyland National 2 with B49F body now in 1981 to Fishwick's of Leyland.



Bristol VR GEL686V

GEL686V/5070 is a Bristol VRTSL6G/ECW H43/31F new to Hants & Dorset in 1980, passing to Wilts & Dorset and then Damory Coaches in whose livery it is preserved.


Bristol K GHT154

GHT154/C3336 is a Bristol K5G/BBW H30/26R new to Bristol Tramways and Carriage Co. in 1940, after years with a showman it has been immaculately restored.



Bristol RELL HHW920L

HHW920Lis a Bristol RELL6L/ECW B44D new to Bristol Omnibus in 1972 it was the last dual door RE in service when it was withdrawn by Abus.


Bristol FLF JAH553D

Seen above passing another FLF, JAH553D/19953 is a Bristol FLF6G/ECW H38/32F, new to Eastern Counties as their FLF453 in 1966 it eventually passed to Stagecoach United Counties who use it for publicity events.


Two VRs and an Olympian

Two ex BOC VRs, AHU518V(5141) and EWS751W(5531) flank a Bristol Olympian NIL8255, East Midlands 301.


Bristol L JHT827

Bristol L JHT827 JHT827/2174 is a Bristol L5G/BBW B35R new to Bristol Tramways in 1946.



Volvo Ailsa JOP738P

JOV738P/4738 is a Volvo Ailsa/Alexander H44/35F new to WMPTE in 1976.



Volvo B10M JSK262

JSK262/308 is a Volvo B10M with Plaxton coach body new to Plymouth Citybus in 1996 it is in use for private hire work - I had a tour of the city on it last year!  Next to it is an ex Devon General Ford Transit minibus.


Leyland Panther Cub KED546F

KED546F/92 is a Leyland Panther Cub/East Lancs B41D new to Warrington Corporation in 1968.



Bristol L5G KFM767

KFM767/KG118 is a Bristol L5G/ECW B35R new to Crossville in 1950 I last saw it at the Quantock Running Days 2009.


Bristol RESL LAX101E

LAX101E/RS167 is a Bristol RESL6L/ECW B43F new to Red & White in 1967.  The shorter RESL wasn't as common as the RELL, neither was this first style of ECW body.


Bristol L5G LHY976

LHY976/C2736 is a Bristol L5G/ECW B33D new to Bristol Tramways in 1949, it has a very unusual dual door body of a type unique to Bristol.


Line up of buses

Line up of buses

Two views of some of the vehicles present with the Lloyds TSB offices and a sail training ship from the Jubilee Sailing Trust as a background.


Leyland Titan and Leyland National

LNY536D/36 is a Leyland Titan PD2/3/Massey L31/29RD new to Caerphilly UDC in 1966 - which was late in the day for exposed radiator buses.  Alongside is BOU6V/3531, a Leyland National with B52F body new to BOC/Cheltenham in 1980.

Bedford OB MHU193

MHU193/218 is a Bedford OB/Mulliner B30F which was new to Clifton College in 1949.  It has been repainted to represent an identical vehicle which passed to Bristol Tramways.


Sign in rear window of MHU193

MHU193, like some of the other buses out running round the city, had this sign in the rear window  advising following drivers of its age and thanking them for their patience.



Bristol RELL MMW354G

Bristol RELL MMW354G

MMW354G/824 is a Bristol RELL6G/ECW B45D new to Wilts & Dorset in 1969.


Dennis Dart N216NPN

N216NPN is a Dennis Dart/Plaxton B40F new to Brighton, Hove & District in 1996 it is now with local operator North Somerset Coaches.


Bristol L NAE3

NAE3/2467 is a Bristol L6B/ECW FC31F with the earliest style of ECW's "Queen Mary" bodywork which was new to Bristol Tramways in 1950.


Bristol L NHY947

NHY947/2815 is a Bristol LWL6B/ECW FC35F which was new to Bristol Greyhound in 1951 has the later style "Queen Mary" body with concealed radiator.


Two Queen Mary bodied Bristol Ls

A photo of the two "Queen Marys" in slightly better weather earlier in the day.


AEC Reliance NCY626

NCY626/1032 is an AEC Reliance/Weyman C41F new to South Wales Transport in 1956.



Bristol LSX NHU2

NHU2 is the prototype Bristol LS, an LSX5G/ECW B42D of 1950 this was the first underfloor engined Bristol bus.


Routemaster NML657E

NML657E/RML2657 is a long Routemaster H40/32R new to London Transport in 1967. Beside it is ex Devon General Bristol VR ATA563L which appears above.


Routemaster NML657E

Another photo of RML2657 setting out for a run.



AEC Reliance NNC855P

NNC855P is an AEC Reliance/Duple Dominant coach new to Yelloway in 1976.



Open top Bristol VR RTH931S

RTH931S/931 is a Bristol VRTSL6G/ECW CO43/31F new to South Wales Transport in 1977 it passed to Bristol and then to Western National.


Dennis Dart S721AFB

This Dennis Dart/Plaxton, S721AFB(42721) is in service with First Bristol and has been converted to run on used cooking oil.


Bristol MW SWO986

SWO986/UC758 is a Bristol MW6G/ECW C39F new to Red & White in 1958.



Bristol KSW UHY360

UHY360/C8320 is a Bristol KSW6B/ECW H32/28R new to the Bristol City fleet in 1955.



Bristol KSW UHY362

UHY384/8336 is a Bristol KSW6G/ECW H32/28RD new to the Bristol country fleet in 1955.



Three KSWs

Alongside the above two highbridge KSWs was OHY938/L8089 which is a KSW6B/ECW L27/28RD new in 1952.


Three Bristol REs

A group of 3 REs, left BOC GHY135K/2073 RELH6L/ECW DP49F, centre WNOC/Royal Blue RDV423H/1472 Bristol RELH6G/ECW C45F and right United SHN80L/6080 RELH6L/ECW DP49F.


3 generations of single deckers

Another threesome spread over three generations of chassis, left Midland Red TOF702S/702 Leyland National B49F centre Hutchings & Cornelius CYD724C AEC Reliance/Harrington Grenadier and right WNOC DOD518/333 Bristol L5G/Beadle B35R of 1939.

Leyland Panther UOU419H

UOU419H is a Leyland Panther/Plaxton B52F new to King Alfred, Winchester in 1970.  This fleet was a very interesting contrast to H&D before they were taken over by them.


Scania YN05GXL

YN05GXL/1012 is a Scania L94UB/Wright B43F of 2005 operating with Reading Buses.


Alexander Dennis Enviro YX58HWJ

YX58HWJ/44510 is an Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 B35F which was visiting from First Hampshire.


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