Autumn Steam Gala 2007


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Mixed Traffic Weekend
Autumn Steam Gala 2007

662 Martello at Blue Anchor

On the Thursday and Friday LBSC A1X 0-6-0T "Terrier" 662 Martello was working shuttles between Minehead and Blue Anchor, she is seen here waiting to run round at Blue Anchor on the Friday.


662 Martello running round at Blue Anchor

662 Martello running round at Blue Anchor

662 Martello running round at Blue Anchor

Three views of the diminutive tank running round.


662 Martello leaving Blue Anchor

662 Martello leaving Blue Anchor

Two photos of her leaving for Minehead.



3802 approaching Blue Anchor

3802 approaching Blue Anchor

Visiting GW 2-8-0 3802 approaching Blue Anchor with a down train.


3440 and 5553 leaving Blue Anchor

3440 and 5553 leaving Blue Anchor

Star guest 3440 City of Truro and prairie 5553 double head a down train away from Blue Anchor.


3850 and 9351 at Minehead

Residents 3850 and 9351 standing in the headshunt at Minehead.  The absence of the restaurant carriage at present really opens up the view of station from the sea front.

662 Martello at Minehead

The little "Terrier" 662 Martello waiting at Minehead with another shuttle to Blue Anchor.


3440 City of Truro at Minehead

3440 City of Truro at Minehead

Two views of 3440 City of Truro by the water tower at Minehead.


44422 at Minehead

A longer term visitor is LMS 4F 0-6-0 44422 seen here having arrived in the bay platform at Minehead.


42968 at Bishops Lydeard

42968 standing at Bishops Lydeard

42968 leaving Bishops Lydeard

On to the Saturday and Stanier LMS mogul 42968 bringing her stock in, waiting in the platform and then leaving for Minehead.

3440City of Truro on Bishops Lydeard loco

A rather misty view of 3440 City of Truro being prepared in Bishops Lydeard loco compound.


Grey Cars 1 at Bishops Lydeard

It's now rare to have heritage buses around during WSR Galas but this preserved AEC Reliance/Harrington Cavalier coach, ex Devon General's coaching arm Grey Cars, 1RDV put in an appearance at Bishops Lydeard.


3802 taking water at Bishops Lydeard

3802 waiting to take over the next train

GW 2-8-0 3802, visiting from the Llangollen Railway, taking water then waiting to take over the next arrival to return it to Minehead.


Virgin Voyager 220 018 and 3802 at Bishops Lydeard

After 3802 had got on her train Virgin Voyager 220 018 arrived with a shuttle service from Taunton.


1450 with autos 178 and 225

1450 with autos 178 and 225

GW 0-4-2T 1450 was working with autotrailers 178 and 225, two views of them at Bishops Lydeard.


3440 and 5553 at Bishops Lydeard

GWR record breaking 4-4-0 3440 City of Truro and small prairie 5553 backing through Bishops Lydeard station ready to take over the train which 9351 had just brought in on the right.


0-6-2T 6619 taking water

GW 0-6-2T 6619, visiting from the NYMR, is seen here taking water at Bishops Lydeard.


Virgin Voyager at Taunton while working shuttles to and from Bishops Lydeard

A brief trip to the National Network at Taunton, Virgin Voyager 220 018 waiting to return to Bishops Lydeard.  Most of the Virgin branding and the Dorset Voyager nameplates have been removed prior to Cross Country going over to Arriva in a few weeks time.

Contrasting front ends

A contrast in front ends, the Voyager and autotrailer 178 at Bishops Lydeard.


9351 and 3850 passing through ready to take over a train

9351 and 3850 running through Lydeard station ready to take over an incoming train.


3850, 9351, a Voyager and the autotrain

9351 and 3850 wait for their train, Voyager 220 018 waits between workings behind and 1450 is at the far end of the other platform with the autotrain.


88 and 44422 arriving at Bishops Lydeard

An S&D pairing, 2-8-0 88 and 0-6-0 44422 arriving with the train 3850 and 9351 were going to take over.


9351 being flag signalled away

9351 was on the track circuit once they had come on to their train so needed the signalman to flag them away.


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