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There aren't many locos in course of overhaul or restoration, 5542, 88 and 3850 have been completed leaving one in progress at Minehead, one at Williton and one "in the queue" on display at Bishops Lydeard.  In addition there are three industrial locos and a narrow gauge diesel at various places on the line.

Inside Minehead works

A general view of the inside of Minehead Works with the frames of 88, 3850 and 5193. Photo by Jon Tooke



4160 at Minehead

4160 is one of the line's resident locos, built just after nationalisation she is properly restored to her original British Railways livery and belongs to 4160 Ltd.  It is a member of the ex GWR 5101 Class of 4MT 2-6-2T Prairie tanks.  The class was introduced in 1929 based on a Collett rebuild of the Churchward 3100 Class.  She is at present being overhauled by the SDR at Buckfastleigh.

Weight: 78 tons 9 cwt.                           Driving Wheel diameter: 5' 8"

Boiler pressure: 200 lb/                 Tractive effort: 24,300 lb

Cylinders: (Outside) 18"x 30"                 Valve gear: Stephenson

4561 on display in the Gauge Museum at Bishops Lydeard

Like 88, 4561 has been restored previously and is now waiting her turn for overhaul on the expiry of her boiler certificate.  She is a 4500 Class 3MT 2-6-2T "small prairie", similar to 5542 which has just been restored but with smaller water tanks and hence lower weight at 57 tons.


34046 frames

34046 wheels

34046 Braunton is a rebuilt ex Southern Railway West Country Class 7P5F 4-6-2 Pacific of a type that was once common on the nearby Waterloo - Exeter line. She is being restored by the WSRA at Williton and is on a fast track to completion which is being funded by her owner, Jeremy34046 near New Milton34046 at Barry scrapyard Hosking.  The lower left photo, by Nigel Kendall, shows her in action on Walkford Bank, New Milton in 1965, the lower right, by Chris Ware, shows her in Barry scrapyard.

  Weight: 90 tons 1 cwt.(loco)                  Driving wheel diameter: 6' 2"

Boiler pressure: 250 lb/                 Tractive effort: 27,715 lb

Cylinders: (3) 18 1/2"x 30"                     Valve gear: Walschaerts

An "outsider"

Lynton and Barnstaple diesel at Williton

An unusual visitor is a 1' 11 1/2" gauge diesel loco being restored for use on the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway who have recently started relaying track on the ex Southern Railway line that was closed in 1935.  It has a 150 bhp Gardener engine.

Industrial Steam

The following ex industrial steam locos are on the line:

Kilmersdon, a Peckett 0-4-0ST  at Washford

Isabel, a Hawthorn Leslie 0-6-0ST overhaul recently completed at Washford.


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