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This line has a convenient park and ride stations at Norden and Harman's Cross and operates a regular service from Norden to Swanage via Corfe Castle over a fairly long day as a result.  A happy combination of a heritage railway serving as a means of transport as well as a museum.  They have recently made a physical connection to the national system and are in negotiations over running through to Wareham and re-establishing the link that was one of the last victims of the Beeching Plan.Search this site

D6515 and 33108 at SwanageA pair of Class 33 diesels, 33108 and D6515, stabled in Swanage station.  This class had a long association with this area and they are ideal diesels for many heritage railways.


DMU arriving at Swanage from Norden

DMU departing from Swanage

When I visited half the services were being operated by this DMU, seen arriving at and departing from Swanage, the others were being worked by the West Somerset Railway's 0-6-0PT 6412 which was at Swanage for the summer, however a thunderstorm thwarted me for photographing her.

34028 Eddystone on the Swanage Railway

A friend was more fortunate with the weather, Steve Marshall sent me this one of West Country pacific 34028 Eddystone out on the line.


80104 at Harman's Cross

80104 at Harman's CrossApart from that these three views of BR Standard 4MT 2-6-4T number 80104 by Stéphanie Dinez are the only ones I have of steam on the Swanage Railway, but I'll be going back there before too long I hope.






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