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The Seaton Tramway runs from Seaton, on the coast by the mouth of the River Axe to Colyford and Colyton, much of the way beside the River Axe which offers some lovely views across the estuary and a chance to do some bird watching as there are many species of waders to be seen on the mud flats.

Tram no. 14 at the terminus

The first view is of the pole being turned on car no.14 at the Seaton terminus of this narrow - 2' 9" gauge line.


Tram 14 at Colyton

The next two photos show no. 14 arriving at the northern terminus at Colyton and then it running back to the departure stop after unloading.


Tram 14 at ColytonWhile the terminal itself at Seaton is new for the tramway most of the route after the first few hundred metres runs along the trackbed of the former Seaton Junction to Seaton branch of the Southern Railway, which had fallen victim to the Beeching axe in the early 60's.  As a result the track at Colyton is well below the level of the station buildings, the ramp at the north end serving to get passengers down to track level to board the trams.

Tram 2 at Seaton

Tram 2 at Colyton

Two views of double deck tram no. 2, the first at Seaton, the other at the opposite end of the line at Colyton.  For all that it is narrow gauge the double deck cars ride well and the top deck serves as an excellent viewing platform as the tram ambles along beside the river.

Tram 10 waits to cross

Tram 10 waiting at one of the intermediate crossing points for another tram coming the other way on the single line.


Trams 10 and 2

The first of the on coming trams was no. 2, they were seen from Axmouth on the opposite side of the River Axe.


Tram 10 and works cars

No. 2 was followed by a works car towing a wagon and a rail mounted access platform - an interesting diversion while we were having our picnic.


Works tram

A closer view of the engineers tram.


Trams 6 and 2

Trams 6 and 12 crossing, another diversion from bird watching - the trams are themselves a good platform for seeing the wading birds along the estuary.


Trams 8 and 9 crossing

A last view from the picnic table, this is trams 8 and 9 passing each other.


Seaton tramcar no. 12

Back to the Seaton terminus for a few more photos, this is No. 12 waiting to depart.


Seaton single deck tram no. 17

Single deck car 17 can have its seats taken out to enable passengers in wheelchairs to be carried, it is seen by what looks to be a loading ramp at Seaton.


Car 17 at Seaton

Another view of No. 17, this time in the reversing siding at the very end of the line.


Tram no. 8 at Seaton

Tram no. 8 leaving Seaton

For 2007 tram 8 has been painted pink, Lledo have made a limited edition model of it and part of the proceeds are going to Breast Cancer Care charity.


Tram 9 arriving at Seaton

Tram No. 9 arriving at Seaton in a more normal livery!



The line's web site is Seaton Tramways .... Devon UK if you would like to learn more about it.


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