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Railway miscellany

The Miscellany Pages :-

Stapleton Road
Foster Yeoman
Seaton Tramway

  This page has various railway photos that don't fit into any of the other categories.  The first segment is on Stapleton Road station, Bristol, I lived near to here for several years and saw the line being reduced from 4 to two tracks and the gradual decline in freight traffic.  The photos in this section were taken in 1985, just before I moved.

A somewhat larger segment is devoted to an open day at Foster Yeoman's Tor Works, near Cranmore in Somerset, held in the late 80's in conjunction with British Rail.  Foster Yeoman send large quantities of stone from this site to depots across the south of England by rail and a wide variety of loco types were being used at that time.

I've only a very limited number of photos of the railway in Scotland but here they are.

Not really a railway, but more than a street tramway is the Seaton Tramway in East Devon.

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