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The Steam Fayre and Vintage Vehicle Rally is organised by the West Somerset Railway Association and takes place at Bishops Lydeard, close to the WSR's station on the first full weekend in August hence its inclusion in this section of the site, there are more photos of traction engines and steam lorries on Road Steam.  There is much more than steam at the Fayre though as you will see on this page.

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Marshall agricultural engine

To start with the steam, a 1900 Marshall 6nhp agricultural engine belonging to HL & TG James of Newquay.



Steam lorries & roller

Left to right, a Fowler steam roller, 2 Foden steam wagons and a Sentinel S4 steam wagon.

Line up of steam in the ring

There's a wide variety of steam power, full size and miniature, rollers, engines & wagons in this view of the line up in the ring.

The miniatures lead off

The miniatures starting their run around the ring.


2002 Roanoake steam wagon

A modern 2002 built Roanoake steam wagon using new steam components and recycled running gear.


Miniature traction engine

A couple showing their miniature traction engine.


A pair of traction engines going round the ring

Next a pair of full size engines, led by a Burrell named the Duke of Kent followed by the Marshall agricultural engine.


Burrell Road Locomotive

A close up of the Burrell Road Locomotive as it is described on the smokebox door.


Fowler 5hp road locomotive

This was followed by a Fowler 5 hp road locomotive Princess, entered by the Loaders from Dorset.


Marshall agricultural engine

A close up of the Marshall.


Miniature traction engine and trailer

Back to the miniatures, this one has a trailer for the driver to sit on and a wagon behind that for a passenger.


Fowler road loco

Another view of the Fowler road loco Princess.


Steam roller

Now comes a steam roller, not sure of the maker.


Full size and miniature steam wagons

A miniature steam wagon alongside the full size ex Cowlairs Co-op Sentinel S4 wagon.


Line up f steam wagons, rolloers and engines

A line up including steam wagons, rollers and road locomotives.


Cottage Brewery's Foden steam wagon

The Cottage Brewing Company's Foden steam wagon setting off at a cracking pace around the ring.


Foden C type tipper

This was followed by this Foden C type 3 way tipper which started life with local quarryman W. J. King.  This one also set off at a fair old pace hence the smoke!


Miniature Foden steam wagon

The miniature Foden steam wagon passing in front of a fairground organ.


Cowlairs Coop Seddon steam wagon

The ex Cowlairs Co-op Sentinel S4 on the far side of the ring.


Foden steam wagon

Also on the far side, the Cottage Brewing Company's Foden steam wagon.



Foden steam wagon

This was followed by the other Foden wagon, the ex W J King one.


Seddon S4

Sentinel and Foden steam lorries

Foden steam lorry A last couple of shots of the lorries in the ring.



Traction engines and steam rollers

The line up of traction engines and steam rollers.


Steam roller being watered

Outside the ring this steam roller was taking water, I wonder what such a machine's range is between refills?


Fowler steam roller

A Fowler steam roller resting in the very hot August sun.  Note the penny farthing bicycle behind it, that appears further down!


Fowler steam roller

Another Fowler steam roller - no shade for the driver of this one.



Wallis traction engine

A Wallis traction engine - the heat seems to have exhausted the chap lying down behind it!



Burrell traction engine

A last one of the steam section, another view of the Burrell Road locomotive.



JG riding a penny farthing

That penny farthing again, John Glover who was marshal of the steam section as a change from his many activities on the WSR took a break by trying out this machine - he did a full lap of this side ring after a shaky start.



Ex army vehicles

In one corner was this army section, could almost have been Normandy 1944.


Land Rovers on parade

Land Rovers on parade Next to them was the Land Rover section with a mix of civilian and military ones.


Heavy horse and groom

Tucked away right in the far corner of the site were the heavy horses including this shire Tommy who belongs to a friend of ours.  A real gentle giant, one time he stopped, refused to move and we found that there was a harvest mouse on the ground in front of him!

 Heavy horses on show

This pair were harnessed to a rake, they did some work with it but it was a rather hot day for them to do much.


Harris Hawk

Harris Hawk

Harris Hawk

Along with the horses someone had a Harris Hawk, didn't see it flying but it was nice to be able to get a close look at it.




Vintage tractors

Staying with agriculture, the tractor section with a variety of old machines including a grey Ferguson and some blue Fordsons.


Vintage tractors

Not sure now what the nearest one here is but behind it is a David Brown.


David Brown tractor

A closer look at the David Brown tractor.


Threshing machine

An old threshing machine, originally it would have been steam driven but this one is being driven by a tractor via a belt.


Saw bench driven by a tractor

Also originally steam driven but later tractor powered was this saw bench.


AEC Mandator

This 1969 AEC Mandator was acquired from it original owner for preservation by a local man, it was providing some welcome shade for our dog it this photo.



Line up of trucks

A line of diesel trucks, nearest the camera is a 1974 Mercedes Benz, then two 1967 Fodens - what a contrast to the same makers steam wagons above! - and a large Scammell, can't be sure what's on the end of the line.

Leyland Titan PD2 Ribble "White Lady"

In amongst the trucks were a couple of buses, one of which was this Leyland Titan PD2 ex Ribble, this series was unusual in being double deck coaches largely used I believe on services to Blackpool.  It was known as a "White Lady", a name that was passed on the later Ribble double deck coaches on Atlantean chassis.


Leyland Titan PD2A double deck bus

Another Leyland Titan this time a PD2A formerly with Exeter Corporation.  The "A" suffix denoted the "St. Helens" style glass fibre front that can be seen behind the notice board.  There's more photos of Exeter Corporation buses on Western National and Devon General .

Ribble White Lady flanked by Ford trucks

There were only the two buses in the show, however Quantock Heritage were running a free shuttle service to and from the Fayre using examples from their heritage fleet.  It's a shame that more buses don't attend, what can we do to attract more?

Bond 3 wheel car and Nutsial caravan

On to the cars starting with this Bond three wheeler with its motor cycle type engine on display and the Nutsial caravan which it tows.


Vauvhalls of various eras

Vauxhalls of various eras

Vauxhall Victor

A variety of Vauxhalls were displayed by members of an owners club including Wyverns, Veluxs and this Victor on the right.


Ford Zodiacs

There was a group of Ford Zephyrs and Zodiacs there including these that were shining so much in the sun it was hard to photograph them.


Triumph Renown and MGB

Another line up starting with a 1950 Triumph TDB Renown with an MGB next to it.


Austin 7 Swallows

A pair of Austin 7 Swallows from 1930 and 1932.  These were Swallow Sidecar bodies on Austin chassis - Swallow Sidecar Company went on to become Jaguar Cars.


Morris Minor 1000

A group of Morris Minor 1000 cars and travellers with that lovely wood framing.  Cars might be better in some ways now but they don't have the character or distinctive exhaust notes of ones like these.


MG and Triumph sports cars

Some classic British sports cars, an MG nearest the camera then a variety of Triumphs including a TR2, a Spitfire and some TR4s.


Triumph TR6, TR7 and Stag sports cars

Four more Triumphs, a TR7, a TR6 and two Stags.  What went wrong, why aren't these great marques still going?


American fire truck

I've no details of this American fire truck which was with the Alabama Fire dept. according to the sides - it was for sale at 4495, fun but I'd hate the fuel bills!


Fire engines

A line of British fire engines including chassis from Bedford, Dennis and Volvo.


Fire engines and ambulances

Here we see another Dennis fire engine and smaller examples on Land Rover and Range Rover bases along with a Range Rover ambulance.


Dennis fire engine

The last vehicle photo, a Dennis fire engine complete with a trailer pump.


Morris dancers

Morris dancers

Morris dancers

Morris dancers

To close, some photos of some very hot Morris dancers.  Nice to watch while supping a pint of real ale from the beer tent!



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