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45022The Class 45 locos such as 45022 seen here at Bristol Temple Meads were always a part of the Bristol scene in early diesel days despite being a Midland Region type some were allocated to Bristol for working services via the Midland route to Birmingham and beyond.  In later years Bristol Bath Road and Plymouth Laira depots on the WR had an allocation of the outwardly identical Class 46.  Photo by John Griffiths..

Peak 44 at Bristol

Class 45 (D)44 on Bristol Bath Road depot along with a pair of Hymeks and another Peak, 1 July 1972.  Not only have the locos gone but the shed has as well.  Photo by Glen



Another 45 is D70, seen here at Newport.

 Photos by B Tucker.



A Class 46 this time, D141 still in green livery running light through Cardiff.


D138 and D6327

The first Class 46, D138, is seen at Bristol Bath Road in company with D6327.


46035 at Minehead

Into the preservation era, 46035 is seen at Minehead on the West Somerset Railway when it visited for their Cross Country Weekend in 2003.


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