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Normandie at Caen

The Normandie is seen here at her home port of Ouistreham, Caen.  She is a comfortable, well equipped vessel.  Like the Barfleur I've crossed on her for day trips and holidays, Portsmouth - Caen is a 6 hour crossing by day which can seem a bit long if you have children with you, but being larger the Normandie has plenty of facilities.  Photo by Stéphanie Dinez

The second view of her shows her at the other end of her regular run, at Portsmouth, seen from another ferry, P&O Portsmouth's Pride of Portsmouth can be glimpsed in the background.  Photo by Stéphanie Dinez


Gosport is a good place to watch the ferries to and from Portsmouth go by, in this view the Normandie is outward bound.  The masts in the left background are those of HMS Warrior, the Royal navy's first ironclad warship which is on display close to Portsmouth Harbour railway station.  Photo by Stéphanie Dinez

On the Normandie

Now a few views on and from the Normandie, this shows her large illuminated name on the top deck.  Photo by Merv Gould

On board the Normandie

From the same spot but looking astern past her funnel over the mouth of the Caen Canal at Ouistreham.  Photo by Merv Gould


The Normandie from the quayside

A view of the Normandie from a car waiting to board at Ouistreham.  Photo by Merv Gould


Looking out over her stern, the land around here is very flat but the hills start around Caen.  Photo by Merv Gould


Normandie's nameboard

Another view of Normandie's name board.  Photo by Merv Gould


I've crossed on the Mont St Michel but haven't yet got any photos of her, overnight crossings in windy weather can limit taking photos!  She is a very comfortable ferry to cross on and I'm looking forward to the next time I go across on her.

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