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Mixed Traffic Weekend
Autumn Steam Gala 2007

D1015 arriving from Paddington

D1015 arrived at Bishops Lydeard

One of the highlights of the weekend was a through special from Paddington worked by D1015 Western Champion seen here arriving at Bishops Lydeard.

D1010 crossing D1015 at Bishops Lydeard

While D1015 was in the station resident Class 52 D1010 Western Campaigner ran in with a service train, her reflection emphasises Champion's superb paintwork.


D1015 Western Champion

Another view of Champion's finish - plus her 84A Plymouth Laira shedplate.



D1015 leaving Bishops Lydeard

D1015 Western Champion had a full gallery on the bridge as she left Lydeard for Minehead.


D7076 at Bishops Lydeard

D7076 at Bishops Lydeard

D7076 leaving Bishops Lydeard

Visiting Class 35 "Hymek" D7076 at Bishops Lydeard and leaving for Minehead.  D7076 hauled the Beatles train on the branch during the filming of "Hard Days Night".

D1010 waits its next working

D1010, which had brought D7076's train in and is just visible in the middle photo above, then ran to the Minehead end of Platform 1 to await her next working.


D832 arrives past D1010

D832 arriving at Bishops Lydeard

The next train in was hauled by visiting Class 42 "Warship" D832 Onslaught.


D832 at Bishops Lydeard

D1010 passing D832

D832 about to couple to D1010

D1010 ran out ready to come on the back of the train, D832 then came through and finally joined D1010 to double head.

D832's cabside

D832's cab side and her 83A Newton Abbot shedplate - my local shed when I was a lad, first one I "bunked".  "Warships" worked just about every train in South Devon then, like many local "spotters" every time I'd seen all 71 I started another "set" - 7 times!  There's more about them and the other hydraulics on Diesel Hydraulics


D832 and D1010 double head out of Lydeard

D832 and D1010 leaving Bishops Lydeard

D832 and D1010 departing for Minehead - a rather smoky exit!


47832 and 31128 at Bishops Lydeard

Visitors on display, Victa Westlink Rail's 47832 in their new livery and 31128 which is still in the old FM Rail colours

88 and D7523 at Minehead

On the Sunday S&D No. 88 was stabled on shed at Minehead along with Class 25 diesel D7523.


D7076 at the seaside

D7076 at Minehead Hymek D7076 was a visitor from the East Lancs, on the Sunday afternoon she was spare and enjoying the sea view at the very end of the line.


D9520 at Minehead along with D7076

Class 14 D9520 was also visiting from the Nene Valley and was stabled next to the Hymek before working the next train to Bishops Lydeard ready to be collected by a low loader for the journey home.

D832 arriving at Minehead

D832 arrived at Minehead bearing the "Cornish Riviera Express" headboard.  I was guard on her return working so I didn't get any more photos - but I did enjoy the sound of her especially on the banks.

D832 and D1661 at Minehead

D1661 and D832 at Minehead

A few photos of the Saturday from Jon Tooke, first D832 Onslaught stabled at Minehead along with D1661 North Star.  Photos by Jon Tooke


D832 Onslaught at Williton

Another one of D832, this time at Williton with a down train.  Photo by Jon Tooke



View from the cab of D832

Driving D832

Views in and from the cab of D832 as she climbed Washford Bank.  Photos by Jon Tooke


D1015 and D1010 at Bishops Lydeard

D1010 Western Campaigner double headed the returning excursion from Minehead to Bishops Lydeard before detaching and leaving D1015 Western Champion (left) to return to the main line and Paddington.  Photo by Jon Tooke




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