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The Great Dorset Steam Fair has such a variety of vehicles that it wouldn't fit any of the existing sections so it has one of its own.

Click on a photo to see it full size in a new browser window.

Steam ploughing engine

To start with, steam ploughing.  This photo shows a ploughing engine at work, pulling a reversible implement towards it, the other engine was out of sight over a brow so communication was by whistle signals.


Steam hauled cultivator in action

The implement, a cultivator, with its driver being towed across the field.


Ploughing engines

Another pair of ploughing engines waiting to go in to action.


Ploughing engine and terrier

One of the engines headed in to the field with an extra crew member - a Jack Russell Terrier!



Ploughing engines and the plough

The pair and their plough.


Ploughing engines

One heads towards the far end past its opposite number.  There's some more photos of steam ploughing along with horses and tractors on Bridgwater Ploughing Match


Action in the ring

Variety in the ringA variety of of steam power in the ring.


Double headed traction engines

A "double header" of traction engines taking a heavy load towards the hill.


Double header with banker

Another pairing, including a crane engine, with a third engine on the back to help with the braking on the descent.


Three traction engines on a heavy load

Another view of the threesome, this one shows that the rear one was also a crane engine.


A haze over the activity in the ring

A haze over the ring as yet another combination of three tackles the climb, it was hot and dusty to add to the smoke and steam.


Two Foden steam lorries

A pair of Foden steam lorries resting at the side of the ring.


Steam sawing

Steam sawing

Two views of the steam sawing area with a modern miniature set up in the foreground.


34072 257 Squadron

34072 257 Squadron

The Swanage Railway had an rather large exhibit, a Bullied Battle of Britain class pacific loco, 34027 257 Squadron.  There were long queues to visit the footplate but, I suspect, well worth it.

Nameplate of 257 Squadron

A shot of 257 Squadron's nameplate along with the Golden Arrow carried by locos working that famous service.


Steam bus

Back to the ring, a steam bus on a Foden chassis was doing rides around the ring.  Certainly different.



Also giving rides were two elderly char-a-bancs one of which is seen in this photo.


Burlingham Seagull coach

Nearby on static display was this coach with a Harrington Wayfarer body (Thanks Chris T for the correction!), not sure of the chassis but it is probably an AEC Reliance.


Note: there's more steam further down!

Leyland Titan

Staying with PSV's (or PCV's as they now are) this ex Maidstone & District Leyland Titan PD2 was at the head of a long line of diesel vehicles waiting to go in to the second ring.



Bedford OB coach

In the lines of entrants was this Bedford OB coach originally from a Devon operator.  I remember going from Totnes to Yeovilton in one of these in about 1965, it was dated then and needed the heater on to keep the engine from overheating.

London Transport RF bus

Next to the OB was this London Transport country area RF single deck bus.  At one time LT worked services as far out as Guilford and Windsor where they had garages but these "green" operations were transfered to the NBC in the early 70's.

Licolnshire Roadcar Bristol LD

Next was this ex Lincolnshire Roadcar Bristol/ECW LD Lodekka, a type once to be seen with the nationalised fleets from Cornwall to Scotland they were revolutionary in their day with their low floor which reduced height without the need for a sunken gangway on the top deck.


Bedford OB coach

Another Bedford OB coach, it is nice to see such vehicles preserved, Bedfords were at the bargain end of the market without the glamour of the heavyweight chassis makes.


Crosville Bristol LD

Another Bristol/ECW LD, this time ex Crosville.  It looks like it had been reregistered at some time as it has its original numberplate displayed by the cab window.  Crosville once operated over much of North Wales and Cheshire.


Three green buses, all in a row

Another view of the OB, RF and Lincolnshire LD basking in the very hot sun.


Old American car

An unusual exhibit was this very old American car, didn't note the make though.


Never fear, there's more steam further down the page!

4 Atkinsons

A line up of diesel lorries with four Atkinsons nearest the camera.


Line up of porries

Another part of one of the lines of commercial vehicles, amongst them there are the distinctive noses of a couple of Thames Traders, in their day the latest styling they now look a bit "odd".

Old commercials

A bit of a variety here, next to the bus is a Thames pick up, next to that a Morris lorry.


Worthington White Shield

This unusual vehicle advertised Worthington White Shield pale ale, the chassis looks to be fairly old, the radiator fluting suggests Daimler but I could be wrong.

Fairground organ

There were lots of organs around the show, sensibly spaced so they weren't competing with each other.


Showman's engine

There were a lot of showman's engines in the show, some like this one out on their own.  The tall chimney is to improve draught on the fire and keep steam and smoke away from the visitors to the fair.



Showman's engine

Another showman's engine around the site.



Line of showman's engines

The main line up of showman's engines, 32 of them !!



Showman's engines

Another part of the line of 32...



Showman's engines

Opposite the long line was this gleaming group.


Line up of showman's engines

The view from the opposite end of the line of 32, you could spend most of your visit just looking at this section of the show!





Threshing machine

A last section, a threshing machine with its power source, an agricultural engine.  There were many areas we didn't have the time or energy on an exceptionally hot day, heavy horses for instance.  A fuller idea of what is there can be got by visiting the show's web site The Great Dorset Steam Fair.

Visit our Travel Centre for train and ferry times and tickets.





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