Early diesels at Paignton





  This page has some photos of the early days of diesels in and around Goodrington, near Paignton, all provided by a friend from those days, Steve Marshall.

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D824 at Goodrington

D824 Highflyer a Swindon built Warship on a special working in Goodrington Yard in 1964.


D7012 in Goodrington Yard

Hymek D7012 brings the stock of a down Summer Saturday service into Goodrington Yard in 1963, note the lack of yellow warning panel on the locomotive, the ex-LMS coaching stock. and also the Goods shed in the background.

D7016 pilots D853 on an up train at Goodrington.

A location less than half a mile from that above D7016 pilots D853 Thruster down Goodrington bank into Goodrington Sands Halt around 1964 with an up express.  The heacode appears to be 1M32 - possibly a Kingswear-Wolverhampton working.  Any more info would be welcome.  Of interest is the claim that Hymeks were rare in Devon. This is not strictly so as they were a regular sight in Devon at this time. Summer Saturday workings such as that above are a good example.

D6329 shunting Goodrington YardA real blast from the past as D6329 shunts wagons in Goodrington yard in 1963 or 1964.


W52090 climbs out of GoodringtonAnother view of Goodrington as a Swindon built dmu set with car W52090 leading heads for Kingswear, these Inter City units started their careers on Plymouth/Kingswear - Cardiff workings.  They were rather special for a unit and so attracted Steve's attention.


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