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Convoy at Silk Mills

For the Cross Country Weekend the visiting diesel locos arrived in convoy, it included 47732 (leading), 67001 and 46035 along with the 46's support coach and 3 RES TPO vans for added brake force.  The first view is of them at Silk Mills level crossing, on the edge of Taunton.

67 in the convoy at Silk Mills

A second shot at the crossing shows second in line 67001.



46035 in convoy

Next was preserved 46035.



TPOs in convoy

Bringing up the rear were 3 TPO vans.



Convoy at Deane Bridge

The convoy was again caught on camera at Deane Bridge on the West Somerset line.


67001 at Deane Bridge

A last one of 67001, all the photos on this page were taken by Rodney Greenway, thanks Rodders for letting me use them.



























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