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Autumn Steam Gala 2006
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1450 and autotrailer at Donniford

We start with a view photos from the Thursday, the first is 0-4-2T 1450 with autotrailer 178 at Doniford where the line leaves the coast and heads inland.  Photo by Rodney Greenway.


5164 with a ballast train

5164 on a ballast train

Two photos of large prairie 5164 with a ballast train in the rain.  Photos by Rodney Greenway.


6412 on a goods train

Resident pannier tank 6412, recently returned from spending the summer at Swanage, working a goods train through Somerset countryside.  Photo by Rodney Greenway.


1450 and autotrailer at Watchet

GWR 0-4-2T 1450 with autotrailer 178 at Watchet on the Friday on their way from Minehead to work the shuttles between Bishops Lydeard and Norton Fitzwarren.  Photo by Fotophile69


4247 and the autotrailer at Crowcombe

The autotrailer again this time on the Sunday when it had unusual power in the form of 2-8-0T 4247 which was taking it down to Lydeard for 6412 to work.  Photo by Fotophile69


850 Lord Nelson at Watchet

Back to Watchet on the Saturday and 850 Lord Nelson arriving with an up train.  Photo by Fotophile69


850 climbing through the Somerset countryside

850 climbs past Castle Hill on the Sunday.  Photo by Fotophile69


4247 leaving Blue Anchor for Minehead

4247 crossing Kerr Moor

Onto the Sunday and 2-8-0T 4247 from the Bodmin & Wenford is seen leaving Blue Anchor and crossing Kerr Moor with a down train.

4247 at Minehead

I caught up with 4247 again at Minehead where she was in the bay platform ready to depart on the return trip to Bishops Lydeard.



SDJR 88 running round at Minehead

SDJR 88 running round at Minehad

Two photos of SDJR 7F No. 88 running round at Minehead, her Prussian blue livery can be difficult to capture, often looking more like black, but it is well shown here.

88 doing a shunt release over Seaward Way level crossing

Another photo of 88, this time doing a shunt release move out over Seaward Way level crossing.

Lord Nelson leaving Minehead with the "Green Train"

Lord Nelson leaving Minehead with the "Green Train"

A series of photos of SR 4-6-0 850 Lord Nelson leaving Minehead with FM Rail's "Green Train" which was on the West Somerset between railtours.

Lord Nelson leaving Minehead with the "Green Train"

Lord Nelson leaving Minehead with the "Green Train"

It was great to have a set of Southern green coaches on the line to work with Lord Nelson, our chocolate & cream stock doesn't quite look right with this loco.

Black 5 4-6-0 45231 at Bishops Lydeard

To the other end of the line and another visiting 4-6-0, Black 5 45231 The Sherwood Forester coming past the water tower ready to take over the next service back to Minehead.  This loco is, like the Green Train, visiting between railtours.

FGW Class 158 dmu and the Black 5 at Bishops Lydeard

The Black 5 was followed into platform 1 by First Great Western Class 158 no. 158747 which was working the shuttles to and from Taunton which were a new, experimental feature of this Gala.  Hopefully they'll be judged a success and be repeated at future events.


Class 158, Black 5 and Lord Nelson at Bishops Lydeard

The Class 158 and Black 5 were both still in platform 1 when 850 Lord Nelson ran in with a slightly delayed up train - the working seen above leaving Minehead.


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