Autumn Steam Gala 2005


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Spring Diesel Gala 05
Autumn Steam Gala 2005

30587 at Bishops Lydeard

The first of the Gala visitors to arrive was Beattie well tank 30587 seen here on the preceding Saturday shortly after arrival at Bishops Lydeard.


30587 approaches Blue Anchor

On the Thursday of the Gala 30587 was working shuttles between Minehead and Blue Anchor, she is seen here approaching Blue Anchor with one of these workings with the Conygar Tower on the hill behind it.


30587 crossing Ker Moor

30587 approacing Blue AnchorAnother couple of views of the little well tank with her short train.


Milk tank on the back of 30587's train

30587's train included a milk tank on the rear, nice to see one as a reminder of a traffic now lost by the railway.


30587 running round at Blue Anchor

This view of her running round makes it look as if she's shunting the camping coaches - it's a long time since they moved!


30587 dwarfed by the milk tanker

A last one of 30587 as she left for Minehead, even the milk tank dwarfs her!


5553 arriiving at Blue Anchor

5553 arriving at Blue AnchorShortly after 5553 arrived with the next up train which included one of the Quantock Belle's maroon coaches as the buffet car.  Minehead and North Hill can be seen in the background of the first one.

35005 Canadian Pacific arriving at Blue Anchor

The crossing down train was hauled by Merchant Navy pacific 35005 Canadian Pacific, a somewhat larger loco than the other ex Southern visitor!

35005 stood at Blue Anchor

35005 stood at Blue AnchorI can remember Bulleid pacifics working into Exeter from Waterloo, it was very nice to see one again even though the WSR's light trains aren't much of a challenge to her power.

35005 gets away from Blue Anchor

Canadian Pacific getting away effortlessly from Blue Anchor.


Goods train at Williton

Moving on to Williton and the demonstration goods train was stood in the down platform prior to going back up to Bishops Lydeard.


5553 arriving at Williton

I'd made good time by car and beaten 5553 to Williton, her train was terminating here and returning to Minehead behind mogul 9351 which can be seen waiting for the signal beside the incoming train.


9351 coming on to her train at Williton

9351 was soon coming on to the back of the train.



5553 on the goods at Williton

Meanwhile 5553 had come on to the goods in the other platform ready to return it to Bishops Lydeard.


5553 leaving with the goods

The goods leaves Williton

Two photos of the goods leaving Williton, a reminder of what railways used to be about before the age of the juggernaut.



5542 on standby at Williton

While 9351 was leaving from the the up platform 5542, which had brought in the goods train, was making her way back to the yard where she was replacing 9351 on "Thunderbird" duties.

9351 arriving at Blue Anchor

9351 waiting for the road at Blue AnchorOn to the Friday and 9351 arriving at Blue Anchor with an up train then waiting for the signal.


Super D 0-8-0 49395 arriving at Blue Anchor

49395 at Blue Anchor

The down train was hauled by ex LNW "Super D" G2 class 0-8-0 49395 which is on the WSR for this Gala.


35005 Canadian Pacific at Minehead

35005 Canadian Pacific at Minehead

35005 and 30587 at Minehead

Visiting Bulleid 35005 was stood on the loop at Minehead while the other Southern visitor 30587 left for Blue Anchor.


35005 from D2271

A different view of 35005 after she'd come on to her train taken from the cab of the class 04 diesel shunter D2271 which had just done a shunt release.


Minehead loco from the cab of D2271

Another view from the diesel as it propelled a milk tank into the loco sidings while 49395 was stood at the water tower.


6412 and autotrailer 178 at Minehead

Auto trailer 178 and pannier tank 6412

Resident pannier 6412 was coupled to visiting auto trailer 178 ready for the auto shuttles to Norton Fitzwarren the next day.

Super D 49395 on Minehead loco

The Super D was by the water tower waiting her next turn, a very unusual sight in Somerset!


Super D 49395 and Class 04 D2271

A view of the 0-8-0 from the other side along with D2271 which had finished pilot duties for a while.


35005 ready for the off at Minehead

35005 Canadian Pacific ready to leave Minehead for Bishops Lydeard.



35005 at Williton

After a pleasant ride during which I had an enjoyable pasty a last view for the day of 35005 leaving Williton.


35005 Canadian Pacific at Bishops Lydeard

Another view of Canadian Pacific, this time ready to leave Bishops Lydeard.  Photo by Ian Monkton


49395 at Bishop Lydeard

Another from Ian of the Super D 0-8-0 49395 moving off at Bishops Lydeard while running round.  Photo by Ian Monkton


5542 arriving at Williton

Resident small prairie arriving at Williton on the Saturday afternoon seen from the end of the Swindon Shed.


80136 leaving Williton

Long term visitor BR Std 4 tank 80136 leaving Williton for Minehead.


34046 in the works at Williton

In the Swindon Shed West Country pacific 34046 Braunton looks almost complete in this view but in fact her boiler isn't yet fitted.  However it is hoped that it will be soon with a steam test possible in November.


35005 and 9351 at Williton

Meanwhile 35005 and 9351 were stood in the station with a down train with a fair proportion of Braunton's tender components and a steam roller in the foreground.


49395 arriving at Williton

49395 arriving at Williton49395 arriving at WillitonSuper D 49395 arriving at Williton with an up train.


35005 and 9351 leaving Williton

35005 and 9351 leaving Williton

35005 and 9351 then left for Minehead, the pacific had had problems earlier hence being double headed on this train.


Interior of auto 169 at Williton

Auto trailer 169 at Williton

At the opposite end of the shed to Braunton work is well under way on the restoration of ex GW auto trailer 169 with new timber being cut in preparation for replacing the first 15' of framing.


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