Autumn Steam Gala 04


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Diesel Gala 04
Autumn Steam Gala 04

9351 at Williton

Newly completed small boilered mogul 9351 arriving at Williton on the Saturday of the Gala.  She only started running in a few days before but she put in a very good performance on the climb up to Crowcombe Heathfield.

80136 at Minehead

Long term visitor BR Std. 4 tank 80136 stands in the main platform with an Up train.



Terrier 32678 Knowle at Minehead

A Gala visitor that was returning "home" was ex LBSCR "terrier" 0-6-0T 32678 Knowle seen here at Minehead with a short goods which it had propelled from Dunster.


32678 at Minehead

Another view of 32678 and her goods.  After withdrawal by BR she was on static display at the Butlins holiday camp in Minehead, later her restoration to working order started at Minehead.


32678 at Minehead

She stabled her goods train prior to working a passenger "shuttle" to Blue Anchor.



9351 and 5199 arriving at Minehead

9351 was originally 5193, she is seen here with large prairie former class mate 5199 arriving at Minehead on the Saturday afternoon.


9466 and 5542 at Minehead

Just before the above arrival visiting 0-6-0PT 9466 and resident 2-6-2T 5542 came off shed together ready to double head an Up train.


9466 and 5542

Another view of them as they came off the loop, in the distance 9351 was held at the down home while they made their way across to the bay platform.


9466 and 5542

Another view of them coming back on to their train alongside a stored HST, more about that later!


9466 and 5542 at a wet Williton

The pair seen further along the line at Williton, the weather had changed - not for the better!


92214 exchanging staffs at Williton

They were waiting to cross a down train hauled by visiting 9F 2-10-0 92214 which is seen here exchanging single line staffs while running into the station.


92214 at Blue Anchor

Having returned westward behind her I took this one of 92214 waiting in the rain to cross at Blue Anchor.


A busy scene on Minehead loco

After the above digression in time and place, a busy scene at Minehead shed as 9466 is coaled, small prairies 5542 and 5553 await their next duties on the left and the Terrier 32678 also awaits her turn.

5553 on station pilot duties at Minehead

Shortly after 5553 was carrying out station pilot duties, in this case bringing the stock for 32678's outing to Blue Anchor across from the bay sidings.


5553 on station pilot duty at Minehead

Another view of 5553 with the shuttle stock.  One reason for having a loco in steam for such work during a Gala is as a stand by in case of problems with other locos.


5553 on station pilot duty at Minehead

After this she returned to the far side of the station and extracted what seemed to be the entire contents of Bay Siding 2 including some vehicles awaiting overhaul, this was because there was a spare DMU trailer at the far end which was then added to the Terrier's set to increase capacity.

A sunny, crowded platform at Minehead

This view of the crowds on Minehead platform shows why the decision was taken to strengthen the Terrier's train.  The whole weekend was very busy but I don't think there was overcrowding.


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