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Saturday, 26 July 2003
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7 December 2003

4936 Kinlet Hall

Hall Class 4-6-0 4936 Kinlet Hall had arrived on the West Somerset a few days before and is seen here at Minehead waiting to enter service.


4936 Kinlet Hall

A view of Kinlet's name and number plates.



4936 Knilet Hall

Another view of her at a rather damp Minehead.



Cab of 4936 Kinlet Hall

A last one of her, this time her cab.




80136 and D1010

At the other end of the station BR Std 4MT tank 80136 was leaving with the 14.00 to Bishops Lydeard while Class 52 D1010 Western Campaigner waited to follow with the 14.50 to Williton.

D7017 at Minehead

The diesels were swapped at Williton with D7017 taking over for the rest of the day.  It is seen here back at Minehead with the 17.30 to Bishops Lydeard.


D7017 details

A shot of the works plate, data panel and raised numbers of D7017.



D7017 and D6566

After arriving at Bishops Lydeard with the 17.30 D7017's next duty was to work the Fish and Chips Special to Minehead and back, this meant much manoeuvring to get it to the correct end of the right set of stock.  During this the Hymek is waiting by the water tower as Crompton D6566 pushes one set of coaches out to stand clear on the Norton Fitzwarren line.

D7017 waits with the Chippy

Finally D7017 was in place and ready to depart with the "Chippy".



7820 Dinmore Manor and D6566

Meanwhile 7820 Dinmore Manor had propelled the stock of the Quantock Belle dining train into the station and is seen here backing out prior to running round with D6566 still waiting to bring its set back into the station for the carriage cleaners attentions.

7820 and D6566

After Dinmore was in place the Class 33 ran back in with its train.



7820 and D6566

A last view of them with the Crompton drawn up in Platform 1 and the Quantock Belle leaving from Platform 2.



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