7 December 2003


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Saturday, 26 July 2003
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7 December 2003

7820 with a Sanata Special

At the start of the day 7820 was waiting in Bishops Lydeard station with the Santa Special to Crowcombe Heathfield.  You can just see the crew were in the spirit of things with their headgear!

Santa Special

The Santa's carry a headboard and class A lamps as seen here on 7820 Dinmore Manor waiting for the off.




7820 at Crowcombe alongside the auto trailer

7820 alongside the auto trailerAuto trailer 178 and small prairie 5542 went to Norton Fitzwarren and then followed Dinmore up to Crowcombe Heathfield where they are seen side by side.

5542's crew

5542's crew for the day, not a very taxing job with just the one coach, they could enjoy watching everyone getting freezing cold taking photos from their comfortably warm footplate.


5542 and auto trailer 178 at Crowcombe Heathfield

5542 simmering in the wintery sunshine at Crowcombe.



Auto train at Minehead

Later in the day she was again simmering in partial sun at Minehead.


5553 at Minehead in festive mode

Visiting small prairie, Pete Waterman's 5553 was spare at Minehead and was suitably decorated for the season.


5542 at Donniford Halt

A photo stop on the way back at Donniford Halt.


7820 arriving at Crowcombe

7820 arriving at Crowcombe

7820 arriving at Crowcombe

Three views of 7820 arriving at Crowcombe with the last Santa of the day.



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